Congratulations P3!

14 Dec

Huge congratulations to my star performers! We had FOUR performances of Baa Baa Bethlehem this week! Phew! I am so proud of all of you and you definitely deserve your weekend!

What was your favourite song in the performance? We will sing one of the songs at our Christmas assembly next week.

A reminder – the P3 party is on Wednesday morning next week. So come in your party clothes and bring your school uniform with you!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Miss MacBeath


Happy Holidays!

29 Jun

I cannot believe it is our final day in P3! What a year it has been! I think I can safely say that we have all had a fantastic time…

I would like to thank everyone in P3 for being so wonderful! You have made this year so much fun for me and you are all stars! I wish you all the very best for Primary Four. Your new teachers are so lucky to have you all!

A huge thank you to everyone who has brought in a gift. I am so touched and completely overwhelmed!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and I will see you all in August.

Miss MacBeath


A Big Thank you!

21 Jun

Thank you to everyone who made the party today it was great to see you all! A special thanks to everyone who brought in food and drinks for us!

If anyone would like a copy of our P3 photo story could you bring in a CD and I will get you a copy?

The Photo Story could then be played on your computer at home.

Thanks again

Miss MacBeath

Home Activity – make your own mascot!

15 Jun

This is a fantastic website dedicated to the Olympic Mascots! From the home page you can select ‘make your own mascot’, choose which mascot you would like to design for and get creative!

Have fun!

Miss MacBeath

Superstar Performers!

8 Jun

Here are some pictures of our P3 and P1A performance. They were amazing!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P3 and P1A Assembly performance

1 Jun

Primary 3 and Primary 1A are performing their version of Joseph and his coat of many colours this afternoon.

They have all worked so hard on their performance and we are very proud of them!

Photos are to follow!

Our Outdoor Classroom!

24 May

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We enjoyed bringing our classroom outdoors today and making use of our great Decking Area!

Remember you can bring in suncream to apply yourself if you feel you might need a top up during the day! It is HOT! Also, it is fine to bring in sunhats and sunglasses too if you wish!